Sunday, June 26, 2011

white buffalo naming ceremony

 last month to a white buffalo was born right here in greenville at the Lakota buffalo ranch.  the native american owner says it belongs to all nations and will host the ceremony june 29th.  open to the public with a donations jar at the gate.  there will be food vendors for cool drinks and food.  there is a parking fee but you can catch a bus from greenvilles farmers market too.  so i hope to see you there promptly at 9am. to live history with .  i will be there with frozen watermelon and some painted rocks for sale. 

Saturday, June 11, 2011

ok here we go.  first blog.  i am a rock painter. first you find a critter you want on a rock...bug slug snake or flower.   i CAN draw but using a stencil is faster and easier just to block in the base colors.  then i add some details and clear coat them with spray paint.  tah dah!
i sell them for one dollar at the farmers market because it draws in the kids to my booth and the parents will follow.  half the time either i let the kids write their name on the rock or i will.  i can turn a 16 dollar bag of rocks into 200 bucks.