Wednesday, September 14, 2011

FUNNY (raw food) photo CONTEST

a raw food contest for a funny picture in facebook.  the prize is a breville juicer.  wish me luck !!

Tuesday, September 13, 2011

HOT in TEXAS, we have a new record !!!

its tooooo HOT in TEXAS to do anything but stay inside so i got to havin' fun !!  i think i will be able to sell these tiny canvas easily at the craft fair in a coupla weeks.  painting do dads on rocks with room for a kid to add his/her name seems to be my top selling item.  THANKS to my sister and aunt for helping with sales.

Saturday, September 10, 2011

native american turtle bags 8 x 10 inch

 drilling holes for laces and buttons
 homemade buttons all shapes
 cinda sewed bag linings then glued them in place
completed 15 turtle bags that day.

Saturday, August 6, 2011

leaving the retreat soon

well ive had a wonderful time at the retreat put on my the rawbrahs in kentucky.  lots of tests, talks about our health.  ive seen first hand what a caring place this is.  i ended up water fasting for 10 days...just getting back to solid food before i left to go home.  i didnt want to have any troubles reintroducing food back home.  few detox symptoms here at the end of my fast have reared their ugly head but nothing the center didnt know how to handle. eating watermelon and and more tomorrow.  i have a great plan for my trip home.  im from greenville texas.  there are greenvilles in almost every state.  on my trip two months ago to see the shuttle launch i ended up seeing three greenvilles.  on my way home sunday ill be stopping in greenville ky and greenville mo with a stop in paducah ky squoze in the middle ((biggest quilt museum around))  i had planned to go see the Cumberland gap. its close and all my relatives road thru back in the day.  i was reading in a ky guide book there were over 23 different trails thru the mountains.  pppppssshhhttt...i dont care to guess which they came thru so its onward to the quilt museum.  ohhhhh the rawbrahs surprised us with a stop in by dan the man macdonald.  the liferegenerator.  he hung out with us for two days.  very fun and inspirational.  he dubbed me the energy queen two yrs ago and got me moving.  ive lost 175 pounds and move much more. 

Monday, July 25, 2011

raw retreat day 1

i got to the retreat after driving 14+ hours from tx to ky.  i decided to drive at nite when it was cooler and the only thing wrong with that is i missed scenery for half the trip.  a guy named javy from ft worth road with me.  hes my kids age and was a great driver during his turns.  the retreat is very loose with scheduling.  they seem to be waiting for the inspiration to hit them at any moment.  its nice.  we had a short rain yesterday and that was refreshing.  im going out to ride my tricycle on the large parkinglot area before the sun gets too hot.  its 6am...ill write more later

Tuesday, July 5, 2011

painting rocks

buy a sharpie...ultra fine point black to do the drawing and outlinging on your rock.  fill in colors with acrylic craft paint and a tiny paintbrush. i found this pic on the internet.  printed it in several sizes, laminated it with clear contact paper and used a craft knife to cut out the stencil.  heres the rock i ended up with.  i also sprayed the finished rock with clear spray paint.  just takes minutes to dry.